Hittite Highland tour is no less fascinating trip. It is organized to the heartland of Anatolian plateau where a great native civilization, Hittite Empire dating back to 2300 years with Bogazkale (Hattusha) its capital city.
hittite kingdom
hittite civilization, hittites
The site displaces a strikingly astonishing setting. The buildings could not stand the work of time but much of the foundations are there. There is a reference to this great empire of antiquity in the Bible as the conquerors of Babylon and regional rival to Egyptians.
Being on the high Anatolian Plateau they worshipped Storm God and other deities. Teshup storm God is often shown leaning on two lions, which was a symbol of power. At the sanctuary of Yazilikaya,3km from main site, you can see relief of ceremonial processions of Hittite Gods, numbering 12.
You can get there via Ankara, some 200 km due east of Ankara on the highway to Corum. My guided tours start from Istanbul or Ankara and includes principal Hittite highlights; Alacahöyük, Boğazköy (Hattusas) and Yazilikaya. On a daily tour you can visit the site from Ankara and get back to. Alacahöyük, 36 km north of Bogazkale, was another important Hittite city, and once in the area it should not be missed out. Hittite Highland  Tour  Turkey.
Unless you are with an organized tour you need your own transport to get there, taking a taxi or a minibus from the nearest town Sungurlu is an option.
Kades Treaty
The treaty of Kadesh is the earliest known parity peace-treaty that had been concluded between the Hittite king Hattusilis III and the Egyptian pharah Ramses II, and was written in Akkadian: …… ''Treaty of Rea-Mashesha-Mai Amana the great king, the king of the land of Egypt, the valiant, with Hattusilis, the great king of the Hatti land for establishing good peace and good brotherhood worthy of great kingship forever. These are the words of Rea-Mashesha-Mai Amana: Now I have established good brotherhood and good peace between us forever. In order to establish good peace and good brotherhood in the relationship of the land of Egypt with the Hatti land forever. ..

'If an enemy from abroad comes against the land of Egypt and Rea-Mashesha-Mai Amana, the king of the land of Egypt, your brother sends to Hattusilis, the great king of the Hatti land, his brother saying:' come here to help me against him-lo Hattusilis, the king of the Hatti land shall send his footsoldiers and his charioteers and, shall slay the enemies.'
Rameses II's account of the battle various widely from Hattusili, the king of the Hittite empire. Rameses say that it was a crushing victory for the Egyptians whereas Hattusili said that Egypt was too weak to defend its boarders and take Kadesh. This treaty also happens to be the very first, that we know of, signed in history. The treaty is important because it establishes balance as the Hittites and Egyptians were the 'superpowers' of the Ancient Near East of the time. This treaty changed Western Thought and provides a stunning look at international relations of that time.
The peace treaty written in cuneiform script was recorded in two versions, one in Egyptian hieroglyphs, the other in Akkadian,.both versions survived. The Hittite language was deciphered by Bedrich (Friedrich) Hrozny, Czech linguist,in 1925.

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