Ahlat is on the north side of the Lake Van, an amazing  field which houses a large number of Seljuk  burials. This is commonly called  Ahlat Open Air Museum. Ahlat Tour Turkey.
Seljuk and Ottoman Era graveyard. Stele-like headstones are particularly interesting.These tombs are among the greatest monuments of early Turkish civilisation in Anatolia and Seljuk mausoleums with their magnificent architecture of stone carving deserves to be called as the land of the Seljuk renaissance. About 40 miles north of Ahlat is Malazgirt, an important place in Turkish history. This is where the Battle of Malazgirt(Manzikert) took place in 1071 between Selcuk Turks under the command of Alp Arslan and the Byzantine commander Diogen. The resulting Seliuk victory opened Anatolia to the westward moving Turkish tribes.

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