aphrodisias turkey
Aphrodisias tour is a trip to one of the exceptional archeological sites of Turkey. This is the City of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love or Venus as Romans called her. The tranquility of the site and the Temple of Aphrodite make a tour to this mystical site more than worthwhile.
The ruins spread over a large area as you walk through to explore it, you come to Roman bath complex and a market place agora both very large in size. There is also a fine museum displaying artefects discovered here by late prof Kenan Erim. The beauty of marble work is mainly due to first a famous sculpture academy in Roman times and second a high-grade marble, which  takes fine polising, quarried only a few kilometers away at Babadag.
Also some ruins from the time of Christianity such as Christian bishop's palace.
The records of first settlements date back to at least Early Bronze Age, 2800 BC. Over the site there used to be the houses of Geyre village but after the earthquake the village was moved to a couple of kms away. The various fruit  trees and cypresses  trees are what we find left from the village Geyre.
The site is located close to Pamukkale (Cotton Fortresses). When driving from Kusadasi or Selcuk to Pamukkale take turning to the right at the sign post showing Karacasu. So guided tours to Pamukkale can conveniently incorporate Aphrodisias to their tour itineraries. Be warned that you need good walking shoes to cover a site of this size.

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