blue mosque
It was built during the reign of Sultan Ahmet from whom the mosque takes its real name. The popularly known " Blue Mosque" is a Western term, related to precious blue Iznik tiles, widely used among visitors. The architect was Sedefkar Mehmet Aga who decorated the interior fastidiously like a jeweler. He was the assistant architect of Mimar Sinan.

In summer months lazer light and sound shows are organized in the park outside the mosque. Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a focal point in all city tours, together with the numerous monumental buildings and museums in the vicinity.

Day 1
-Blue Mosque,
-Tomb of Sultans
-Nuri Osmaniye Mosque (light of Ottomans mosque)
-Sultan Bayazit II Mosque
Two historical mosques of unusual structure, one in underground and the other called Arab Mosque that is built in 717 by the Ummayad sultan Mesleme bin AbdŁlmelik. This is known as the oldest mosque in the citybuilt some 700 years before the Ottomans conquered Istanbul.

Day 2
- Suleyman the Magnificent Mosque,
-Shehzade Mosque, bulilt by the Suleyman the magnificent for his beloved son, crown prince Muhammed.
- Fatih Mosque, the mosque built by the conqurer Sultan Muhammed after the conquest of Istanbul.
-Tomb of the conqurer himself
-Eyup Sultan Mosque
Built beside the tomb of Ebu EyyŻb Halid bin Zeyd or Ebu EyyŻb El-ensarÓ, one of the first moslems of Islam in his whose house prophet Mohammed stayed when he moved to Medina from Mecca. He was martyred out side the walls of Constantinople at the siege of the city when he was at his 80's.

- Few more mosques built to honour those heros of Islam who lost their lives out side the city walls in 8th C AD.
- Several tombs, where sultans buried.
- One Imperial Mosque, New Mosque, one of the largest dating to 17th C
- Rustem Pasha Mosque, built by the grand vizier of Suleyman the magnificent

Blue Mosque
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