The ferry goes all the way right up to Anadolu Kavagi, a village on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, and after a stop of 1.5 hours it turns back to Eminonu where it started. If you do not want to take the ferry back you can take a local bus. This is recommended option if you wish to visit some of the interesting sites on the Bosphorus such as Rumeli Hisari (the European Fortress). The fortress is very impressive.
The highlight of the trip is seeing the eye catching 19th century mansions that line up along both banks of the Bosphorus. These mansions which were used to be mostly wooden in construction still envy trippers with their beautiful settings and lively colors. Besides mansions,several water-front Ottoman palaces and fortresses,one on each side at the narrowest point of the strait make a trip even more rewarding.
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