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Christian churches in Istanbul

The Saint Antony Church

The Saint Antoine Church (San Antonio di Padova) is located on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu, on the right side of the street from Tunel to Galatasaray. This impressive church was built in the years 1906-1912 by architect Giulo Mongeri, who was born in Istanbul, in Italian Neo-Gothic style.

The Bulgarian Church

This church belongs to the Bulgarian minority and is the most interesting church in Istanbul.

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

The Patriarchate is the highest see and holiest center of the Orthodox Christian Church. It's located in the Fener neighborhood near Eyup district, between Sadrazam Ali Pasa Street and Incebel Street, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate is located in the yard of this church.

Surp Kirkor Lusarovic Armenian Orthodox Church

The oldest Armenian church in Istanbul located in the Karakoy district.

Virgin Mary Suryani Church

It is the only church built by Suryanis (Assyrian) community in Istanbul. It is located in Pera, Beyoglu district Taksim. For the construction stone works were brought from Mardin where tradionally is the home town for the  Suryanis.

Anglican Church

It stands on a piece of land on a steep hill in Pera given by Sultan Abdulmecid.
The Anglican Church also called Crimean Memorial Church, in Neo-Gothic architecture style, was built between 1858-68 by the British architect G.E. Street in memory of British soldiers who had participated in the Crimean War.

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