Didyma is one of the important tourist destinations in Turkey. The site is located on the western coast of Anatolia close to the ancient Miletus. The name 'didyma' means twins and it refers Apollo and Artemis, two twins of Leto from Zeus. The temple of Didyma was of such fame that it attracted crowds of pilgrims that made it second in importance to Delphi.  The oracle's ability to tell future was so widespread that important emperors and generals often volunteered large sums for the maintenance of the temple. Fore instance Alexander ordered the reconstruction of the temple after the destruction of the archaic temple by Darius I of Persia in 494 BC.

Before the Greek colonization 10th century BC there was an archaic temple at the site. A cast of priests known as Branchids was in charge of the temple. It was named after Branchus, a favourite youth of Apollo. Three prose oracles and one dedication survive from this period.

didyma temple
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