Diyarbakir is an interesting city for guided city tour with its imposing black basalt walls and narrow streets. Diyarbakir tour of the old city quarter has a lot to offer to visiting tour groups and travellers. The principal sites are Grand Mosque, Hasanpasa Caravanserai, Deliler caravanserai, the House of Cahit Sitki Taranci and Ataturk Pavilion. The last two places display the degree of taste shown in the architectural layout and decoration of interior design.
Diyarbakir is the provincial capital with over a million residents, and is one of the largest cities of Southeastern Turkey. The city is famous with its watermelons, for this annual festivals are held  in September.
There are frequent flights from Istanbul and Ankara. The flight from Istanbul can take about 1.5 hours.

The province of Diyarbakir extends over an area of 15,355 kmsq with a  population of 1,364,209 according to the Census of 2000. The peripheral towns  are Bismil, Cinar, Cermik, Cungus, Dicle, Egil, Ergani, Hani, Hazro, Kocakoy, Kulp, Lice and Silvan. The city has expaned outside the old city walls in the recent decades and it can be identified  of two main settlements as the "old" and "new" city. The old part of the city is surrounded by thick basalt walls which  are the longest and strongest of all similar wall systems still standing in Anatolia. The old city was approached by four historical gates. The new city, on  contrast to the old city, has expanded more recently in a planned manner  and looks much more modern with its avenues, parks, houses, official buildings and hotels. The Tigris is the major river flowing through the city.
Located on a transitional zone between the mountainous Eastern Anatolia and the plains of Upper Mesopotamia, Diyarbakyr was once on important trade routes and it is still at the center of the main highway network reaching such centers as Elazig, Sanliurfa, Mardin, and Bitlis. Despite the dominance of agriculture and animal husbandry as main economic activities, the province has a large potential for industrial activities and it is, in fact, the second industrial center of the region after Gaziantep. As one of the provinces given first priority in development, Diyarbakir has a small industrial area. The leading industrial-commercial branches include feed production, meat and meat processing.
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