Dogubayazit (Dogubeyazit), situated only 32km from Iran serves as the eastern gate of Turkey. It lies high on the Anatollian plateau, at  an elevation nearing 2000m. The town is not far from legendery Mt Ararat Visitors for Dogubayazit tour, if they start the day early, can have a splened view of this sacred mountain as it emerges from the morning mist. Apart from scenic view tour groups can see  many ruins left from the ancient civilizations. These discoveries are identified to be associated with Urartians Assyrians, Medes, Persians, Romans and Byzantines times. From the historical sites standing up today is the striking 18th-century Ishakpasa Palace located at 5 km  to the east.
To see the place where it is thought that Noah's Ark landed ground, you take a drive to Uzengili village, 25 km east of Dogubeyazit. Make sure to taste  the local dessert 'asure' (Noah's pudding), believed to have first been made by Noah's wife from the last bits of food in the Ark.
The easiest way to get to the area is either from Erzurum (285 km) or from Van (307 km) over land.

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