There are daily flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Erzurum by the Turkish Airline and other private airlines.
Erzurum (Theodosiopolis) is the principal provincial center in the Eastern Turkey, lying on the eastern  highland plateau, elevations close to 2000 meters. The present popularity of Erzurum is partly due Palandoken Mountain, peaks at 3271 meter while the ski resort, Baskoy, at 2100 meter and is only 10 km from the city center The ski run is the longest trail in  Turkey  8 km, and the fine grained snow is of the best quality.
The history of the region can be traced back to 4000 BC, land of  Hurries, Urartus, Cimmerians, Scythes, Medes, Persians, Parthes, Romans, Byzantines, Sassanides, Arabs, Seljuks, Mongols, Ilhanides, Safawides and Ottomans. In the turmoil of history it has changed hands frequenly and devastated many times by the invading powers, in particular Tamerlene and lastly by the Russians in the First World War.

Erzurum is located on the crossroads running east-west and north -south; connecting Trabzon, on the Black Sea coast, to Tehran and Van in the south to north. The present name 'Erzurum' is derived from 'Arz-e Rum' the Land of the Romans. The city fortification is from the reign of the emperor Theodosius II after him the city was named. The battle of Manzikert in 1071was decisive for the city's control from Christian hands to Muslims. The native Christian population, mainly the Armenians, were moved to the southern territories of the Ottoman Empire, Syria and Lebanon, away from the front line, after their active involvement, against Ottomans, on the side of invading Russian forces.
The economy of the region is not as developed as the western provinces; however the university complex known as the Ataturk University contributes considerably to the economic life of the city. As mentioned above Palandoken ski  resort is an important winter resort for the ski lovers. Many times visited this town and found my clients enjoyed having the place put on the tour list.
Erzurum is also widely known for its severely cold temperatures and heavy snowfalls, not surprising to see -30 degree C.
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