The 'cariyes' who served sultan's wife or mother sultan, under the guidance of the sultan's mother,  were taught to read and write, play music, and the intricate rules of palace etiquette and protocol. They  were trained and educated in the skills and accomplishments considered appropriate for women at the time. After a certain number of years (9 years) in service they were allowed to marry. Very few were honoured even by the privilege of waiting at the sultan's table, and still fewer became royal wives.  Hurrem Sultan was a good example of palace opportunities for cariyes. Among the cariyes it is commonly believed that there were many  in the harem  from noble families of Europe.
Topkapi Ottoman Harem eunach
1520-1534: Ayse Hafsa (Ayisha Hâfize) Sultan; Ayisha Khatun II - Ayşe Hafsa (Ayisha Hâfize) Sultan was the wife of SelimI, mother of SuleimanI, Turkish decent.

1506 -15 April 1558 Roxelana or Alexandra Lisowska, wife of Süleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire, Ukrainian Ruthenian decent.

1574-1583 Afife Nur-Banu - Wife of Selİm II, mother of Murad III., noble Venetian birth.

1594-1603: Safiye - Wife of Murad III, mother of Mehmed III., noble Venetian birth.

1603-1605: Handan - Wife of Mehmed III, mother of AhmedI and MustafaI., ethnic Greek, originally named Helena.

1617-1621: Mah-Firuze Hatice (Khadija) - Wife of AhmedI, mother of Osman II., ethnic Serbİan, originally named Marİja.

1623-1648: Mâh-Peyker Kösem - Another wife of AhmedI, mother of MuradIV and IbrahimI., Greek  Bosnian descent, originally named Anastasia.

1648-1683: Turhan Hatice - Wife ofIbrahİmI, mother of MehmedIV.,  Rutheian descent, original name Nadya.
1687-1689: Saliha Dilashub (or Salİha Dİlâşub) - Another wife ofIbrahİm I, mother of Suleİman II, Serbİan descent. original name Katarina.

1695-1715: Mâh-Pâra Ummatullah (Emetullah) Râbi'a Gul-Nûş - Wife of Mehmed IV, mother of Mustafa II and Ahmed III., Originally named Evmanİa Voria, ethnic Greek from Crete.
1730-1739 : Saliha Sabkati - Wife of Mustafa II, mother of Mahmud I.,  Serbian descent. original name Jelizabeta.

1754-1756 : Shehsuvar - Another wife of Mustafa II, mother of Osman III., Serbİan descent, original name Velinka.

1789-1807: Mihr-î-Şah - Wife of Mustafa III, mother of Selİm III. Genoese descent., original name was Agnes.

1807-1808: Ayse Seniyeperver (also known as Aisha Sina Pervar or Ayşe Seniyeperver) - Wife of Abdul HamİdI, mother of MustafaIV. Bulgarian descent. Her original name Sonija.

1808-1817: Nakş-î-Dil Haseki - Another wife of Abdul Hamid I, and adoptive mother of Mahmud II., cousin of Napoleon's wife Josephine, (Aimée du Buc de Rivéry)
1839-1852 : Bezm-i-Alem (or Bazİm-î Alam) - The fİrst wife of Mahmud II, mother of AbdulmecİdI., Russİan Jewİsh or Georgİan Jewİsh descent.

1861-1876: Pertav-Nihal (Pertevniyal) - Wife of Mahmud II, mother of Abdulaziz., Romanian descent.

1876-1876: Shevkefza - Wife of Abdulmecid I, mother of Murad V.,  Mingrelian descent.

1876-1904: Rahîme Piristû (Perestû) - Wife of Abdulmecid I, adoptive mother of Abdul Hamid II),  Circassian descent.

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