The physical closeness but spiritual remoteness to the city is one aspect, whereas meeting a new wonder at every corner is another. The cleanness of waters, with respect to those of a metropolitan city, and the dominance of pine forests are only two of what the Islands can offer you for recreation. Since there are no motor vehicles on the islands, you will need your feet, a phaeton, a bike or a donkey ride (merkep) to explore the mystery and the nature while your lungs will enjoy the fresh air. Moreover, try to rent a boat. That way you will have access to the uninhabited islands – Kasik, Yassiada, Sivriada, and Tavsanadasi – as well as the surrounding underwater heritage. The archipelago is resourceful under the sea as it is above. Once you are aboard, go fishing around Tavsanadasi – a fuse spot for the fishermen – dive for the shipwrecks around Sivriada which is a land break on Yassiada and rediscover the 19th century pleasure castle of Sir Henry Bulwer-Lytton (former British Consul) and visit the 1,000 years old underwater monastery of Vordonisi, at only 5m deep.

Heritage Attractions
Aya Yorgi Monastery
Hristos Monastery
Aya Nikola Monastery
Aya Dimitri Church
Panayia Church
San Pacifico Latin Church
Nun’s Rock
Surp Asdvadzade Church
Hased le Avraam Synagogue
Hamidiye Mosque
Toy Museum
Resat Nuri Guntekin Museum
Prinkipo Palace
Hacapulos Mansion
Sabuncakis Mansion
Agopian Mansion
Sonranios Mansion
Mizzi Mansion
Vatican Residence
Arab Izzet Pasha Mansion
Farra Mansion
Seferođlu Mansion
Con Pasha Mansion
Hamson House
Fabiato Mansion
Theological School of Halki
Heybeliada Sanatorium
Ayios Yeoiros Monastery
Aya Triada Monastery
Ayios Spiridon Monastery
Ayios Nikolaos Church
Hristos (Makarios) Monastery
Naval High School
Inonu Museum-House
Huseyin Rahmi Gurpinar Museum

Princes Islands
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