Istanbul Authentic Markets Tour

Grand Bazaar
Bayazit Books Bazaar
Spice Market
Nurosmaniye Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, an emazing place with almost 4000 shops and an history of 550 years. It is also known as Covered Bazaar( in Turkish, Kapali Carsi)  is ever popular shopping center in Istanbul for both locals and tourists. A Grand Bazaar tour serves well for fun and  game.  It is within the walking distance of Blue Mosque.
Be warned:  closed on Sundays 
Bayazit Books Bazaar, an important old bazaar for books and maps alike. An unfortunate fire destroyed the original bazaar in 1800s yet one can still find some rare old books in few of the bookshops.
Mahmutpasha Bazaar, located between the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market, and takes its name after the Grand Vizier of Mahmut Pasa in 15C.  It is the most famous shopping area for locals of all age groups in Istanbul. Mahmutpasa has become especially the symbol of cheap shopping for fabrics in the city. An effort is needed to find the quality you want among the hundreds of shops lined up on both sides of the main street. There are also several large old buildings which were used to be caravanserai, khans (in Turkish) of the old times of the silk trade.
Egyptian (Spice) Market is much smaller than the Grand Bazaar. The market  has its own air for visitors interested in souvenirs and  touristy stuff as well as food, spices, coffee and snacks. A best place to find the variety of spices locally grown or imported. The market dates back to 1664 and part of the foundation of the Yeni Camii.which is another imperial mosque adorning Istanbul. Locals also know the place as 'Misir Carsisi' meaning Egyptian market.
Be advised to visit at least one of these markets when you tour Istanbul as this visit will be with you life long.
After the Grand Bazaar the tour ends at the drop off point.

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