Istanbul Walking Tour

Cemberlitas Constantine Column
Ottoman Books and Arts Bazaar
Mahmutpasa Bazaar
Rustempasa Mosque
Boat Trip
Boat Trip
Eminonu-Galata Bridge

From the meeting point your guide will lead you to the first of the landmarks of the city that is the column of Constantine the Great which is known in Turkish as 'Cemberlitas'. After that walking through the fascinating Grand Bazaar to Ottoman Books and Arts Bazaar nearby the mosque of Sultan Bayazit Han. This a very interesting area where you can find the kind of old books not easy to find anywhere else in the city.
Followed this interesting bazaar is Eminonu, an historical district where you will visit Rustempasa Mosque, a little cute mosque from 16C. Then the boat trip to Kadikoy.
Column of Constantine, this is one the most important remains of Romans in the city. It was erected in 330 AD  in commemoration of the declaration of the city of Byzantium by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great as  the new capital city of the Roman Empire. It was located in the Roman Forum, Forum Tauri, which was existed between Sultanahmet and Bayazit Square, in modern day known as Divan Yolu,or in the Otoman period as the Janissaries Street. By the time of Constantine the Great Christianity had gained considerable momentum that the celebrations staged at the declaration were not completely in Christian rituals but combined with some pagan rituals too. On top of the column shined the statue of Apollo. It was believed that lightning in a strong storm day struck the statue and brought it down to the ground with the top cylinders. In the reign of Manuel I Komnenos, 1143-1180, a cross was placed on top.
Rustempasa Mosque, a charming cute mosque built in the years from 1561 to 1563 by Architect Sinan on the orders of Rustem Pasa who was the Grand Vizier of Suleyman  the Magnificent, also his son in law by Princess Mihrimah. It was located in the Tahtakale neighborhood of Eminonu, or in other words at the footing of the Third Hill where the imposing Suleymaniye decorates the skyline of Istanbul. Today the mosque is found to be shadowed by many little and large shops blockading the way to the mosque. It is well known for its very high quality  exquisite Iznik tiles which were adorned with beautiful floral and geometric designs in dense blue color.
Mahmutpasha Bazaar, located between the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market, and takes its name after the Grand Vizier of Mahmut Pasa in 15C.  It is the most famous shopping area for locals of all age groups in Istanbul. Mahmutpasa has become especially the symbol of cheap shopping for fabrics in the city. An effort is needed to find the quality you want among the hundreds of shops lined up on both sides of the main street. There are also several large old buildings which were used to be caravanserai, khans (in Turkish) of the old times of the silk trade.
An important old bazaar for books and maps alike. An unfortunate fire destroyed the original bazaar in 1800s yet one can still find some rare old books in few of the bookshops.
Kadikoy, the oldest district of Istanbul on the Asian side facing the historic peninsula, a good view point of Topkapi Palace, and a long shoreline facing the princes' islands. A modern populous town with lots of commercial activity with its numerous bars, cinemas and bookshops it rightly deserves to be the cultural centre of the Anatolian Istanbul. Several ferry companies operate from Kadikoy to Eminönü, Karaköy, Kabatas and Besiktas. Ferries also operate to princes' islands.

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