Jewish Heritage in Istanbul

Neve Shalom Synagogue
Ahrida Synagogue
Ashkenazi Synagoue
Jewish Museum 
Zulfaris Synagogue/Museum 
Jewish quarter of Balat
Golden Horn
Beyoglu & Pera 
Galata quarter
Galata Tower

Start the day strolling  in the colorful streets of the Jewish community quarter in  Balat which is a neighborhood of the Fatih district of Istanbul. On facades of some buildings the Star of David can still be seen today.
Ahrida Synagogue is one of the principal synagogues in Istanbul.  It is situated in Balat which is a neighborhood  along the Golden Horn.  It dates back to 15 th C, when a Jewish community from Macedonia  resettled in Istanbul in the reign of Sultan Bayazit II . Ahrida was best known for its bema (pulpit)  which is shaped like the prow of a ship.
Jewish Museum, located in Karakoy neighborhood, not far from the Galata Bridge.  It was inaugurated in 2001 on the 500 th anniversary of Sephardic Jews arrival in the Ottoman Empire after their forced exile from Spain.
Neve Shalom Synagogue,  located in the Galata neighborhood of the Beyoglu district of Istanbul. It was built on the site of a Jewish primary school which was torn down in 1949 for the purpose of building Neve Salom. Two Jewish architects undertook the design works and it was finished in 1951.
Neve shalom is the principal Sephardic synagogue in Istanbul, it assumes most of the Jewish traditional events on Shabbats, High Holidays, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals and weddings.
All synagogues require advance entry permissions  for entering the synagogues so be advised to forward your request with your passport number and your full name as shown on your passport.
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