Troy was a frontier city guarding waterway between Mediterranean and the Black Sea in the ancient times. For many years its existence was disputed but possed by the work of Homer in Iliad and Odyssey Schliemann, the famous German archaeologist or a treasure hunter, discovered it in  Hisarlik near Canakkale province.
To most people there is not much to see compared to other antique sites in Turkey but what Troy has to offer is the thril when you gaze across the plains of Troy where you will see some flat mounds some of us still think that Hector, Achilles were burried. So Troy is not to be missed out as no site anywhere else in Turkey is able to drag you into a mixed feeling of sorrow and pity because this is a city of a great legend and its heroes Paris, the Trojan Prince, Beautiful Helen, the Queen of Sparta, Hector and the Trojan Horse.
The site  visit is generally incorporated into the Gallipoli Anzac tour covering  Gallipoli War Memorials (or ANZAC Commemoration sites) on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Bursa Tour Edirne Tour

Getting to Troy from Istanbul means covering almost  370 km or 6-1/2 hours drive including the Dardanelles ferry crossing.

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